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Two Video clips of the Debunking Ovulation event

Presented in two segments (approx. 30 mins each) you’ll learn how to really read and decode your bodies signs and symptoms around ovulation, health and fertility. I teach you how to make or NOT make a baby and the importance of understanding yourself.

So whether you have PCOS, facial hair or trouble understanding when you ovulate – there are solutions that really work. However, it all starts with being educated to understand your body on that deeper level.

In two information packed segments you’ll specifically learn:

  • How to understand your menstrual cycle – for conception and contraception
  • How to fully understand &pinpoint ovulation
  • Alternatives to Contraception
  • Diet and lifestyle factors affecting health and fertility
  • and most importantly – that fertility isn’t just about babies!

A free copy of Fertilise Yourself

Fertilise Yourself
My first book Fertilise Yourself has ALL the tricks and tips to set your body up for a fertility overhaul. As you’ll learn, diet and lifestyle are the foundation of fertility. Not only does this book include information such as how much sleep you need or how much alcohol is ok, there are also 25 of my recipes included to get you on your fertile way.

Debunking Ovulation Information Kit

This kit contains all the information laid out in the workshop, including blank charts for you to get started and keep on using.

Access to the Fertilise Yourself MINISITE

This mobile friendly site contains all the recipes from my book in an easy to navigate ‘app’ like site, making it even easier to put these principles into practice.


Once you’ve purchased Debunking Ovulation, access to this site is UNLIMITED. You can revisit this information forever. This is a big bonus as there are some things you may like to watch several times to really grasp.

Purchase the Debunking Ovulation package here and discover a whole new perspective of your health and fertility. Gain unlimited access for $47 INC GST.

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